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The 2-nd stage by Nishikawa sensei in Russia

The stage is finished. Yesterday Nishikawa sensei departed to Tokyo, and now he is at home.

See soon report, photos and comments of the participants.

Practice at the Kobukan Dojo 2010.

Internship of the members of the Russian branch Kobujodokai at the Kobukan Dojo has finished. All the participants safely returned home overflowing with new impressions.

During the internship, all participants acquired new knowledge and experience. Three of them have been vetted by the degree of dan:

  • Dyakov AK – 4 dan;
  • Koryukin D. – 3 dan;
  • Davydov A. – 2 dan.

Head of the Kobujodokai of Russia Dyakov AK participated in the demonstrations and gave a congratulatory speech at the 35-th anniversary of the Kobukan Dojo.

We are thankful to Matsumura Kancho reception and giving us attention.

We are thankful to Nishikawa Sensei for making invitations for visa and for help in mastering techniques.

We are thankful to all the senseis Kobukan Dojo and senseis from France and the United States for help in mastering techniques.

Thanks to all students Kobukan Dojo for the warm welcome and assistance in preparing for the exam and mastering techniques.

We hope to practice once again with all.

Thanks to everyone who helped us in this journey, who suffered for us.

Soon the site will be a detailed trip report and photos.

The 35-th anniversary of the Kobukan Dojo.

Today, 21 March, was celebrated the 35-th anniversary of the Kobukan Dojo.

The ceremony took place in the Yamano Hall. Almost all students of the Kobukan Dojo were attended in the demonstration .The leader of the Russian branch of Kobujodokai Dyakov Alexey participated in the demonstration too.

After that special guests and heads of delegations pronounced a lot of warm words about Matsumura Kancho.

Dan test.

Dan test.

March, 2010

Today, 20 March, at the Tokyo Budokan held test to the extent Dan. In the tets took part members of the Russia Kobujodokai.
The results are:

  • Dyakov AK – 4 Dan;
  • Koryukin D. – 3 Dan;
  • Davydov – 2 Dan.

We congratulate them on the successful certification!
All the courage and perseverance on the way!

(Russian) 20-летие клуба айкидо «Ан Ю Кай»