The organization “Kobujodokai” was founded by disciples of “Shindomusoryu” dojo“Kobukan”, their disciples and their disciples’ disciples, connected by Master-disciple relations.

“Kobujodokai” is based on disciples and disciple groups practising Jojutsu of “Shindomusoryu” school passed from master to disciple, one generation to another.

“Kobujodokai” also includes disciples and disciple groups practising Jodogata of All-Japanese Kendo Federation, the latter being the first step of mastering Jojutsu. The instructors of these disciples and groups are members of “Kobukan dojo” or their disciples.

We must be loyal to this ideal, not following new-fangled trends, not chasing popularity. Each must bring up ten loyal followers; they, in their turn, must bring up ten loyal followers each, and so on. This way is genuine according to “Shindomusoryu Jojutsu” teaching. Thus it is necessary that all “Kobujodokai” disciples and their disciples should be both sincere and devoted disciples and good teachers; the aim of “Kobujodokai” is preserving traditions and passing them on.

The head of “Kobujodokai” is master Shigehiro Matsumura – 8th dan of Jodo, leader of “Kobukan dojo” in Tokyo.

In April, 1958 he entered the school of master Ryuji Shimizuand started practicing jodo.

Master Matsumura received Gomokuroku license from master Shimizu, allowing to teach “Shindomusoryu Jojutsu”.

After master Shimizu’s death in 1978, master Matsumura entered the school headed by master Ichizo Otofuji from Fukuoka and continued learning,  and later received Menkyo Kaiden license from master Otofuji.

Master Otofuji passed away at the age of 100 in February, 1998.

Except from the previously mentioned licenses, Matsumura-kancho received Menkyo license to teach “Suioryu Joho”, “Naginatajutsu” and “Kyoharyu Bojutsu” from the late Mitsuyasu Katsuse from Shizuoka.

”Shindomusoryu Jojutsu”, passed by masters from one generation to another, helps the person practicing it to realize themselves; afterwards, mastered to the perfect extent, this full of life and spiritual riches art must be passed on to the next generation in the same way as Masters did.

To continue this tradition it is necessary to study ”Shindomusoryu Jojutsu” in the correct way, mastering the ancient kata without changing them, to practice them realizing their true meaning and to pass them on to the next generation of followers without making changes.

The instructor must teach his disciples remembering that he, in his turn, is a disciple of his master, hence he needs the latter’s guidance.

Kobujodokai in Russia.

Nizhny Novgorod.

“Koshinkan Dojo”.

Address: Pechersky s`ezd, 22a.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  20.30-21.30.


Address: Agibalova st., 7, sport center “Lokomotiv”.

Tuesday: 19.30-21.00.

Friday: 20.00-21.30.


Address: Podgornaya, st., 57A, sport school “Trud”.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 20.00-21:30.